Can you read this?

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Don’t do this:


Do this:


or maybe this:


or even this:


Can you read this?

It’s a common recommendation to augment your social post with an image. In fact, social networks such as Pinterest and Instagram use nothing but images as posts. It’s also common practice to expand the image with a layer of words. Done right, the image will grab attention long enough for the layered words to emphasize the message. The purpose of such a combination is to get the user to click on the provided link and to fork their attention away from the social thread and off to your blog, product or offer.

However simple this suggested use of social posts sounds, there are still a lot of ways to get it wrong. Here are a few rules you should abide to when combining an image with words in order to get the desired results:

  • Use a relevant image
  • If surreal, keep it within reason
  • Colors don’t matter: contrast does
  • You have but a few milliseconds
  • Make sure the words stand out
  • Use seven words or less
  • Use a big, easy-to-read font
  • Do not obscure the image: image first, words second
  • Use a single, highly targeted message
  • Vary the message, words and/or body between reposts
  • Use contrasts and transparency to balance the layers
  • If technologically- or time-challenged, use a tool such as CanvaPablo or similar
  • What works for you will work for others: don’t be afraid to imitate what works
  • Use the body of the post to complement or expand on your message
  • Don’t forget to provide an actionable link
  • Stay relevant across

Hopefully this will make composing your next post a little more fun and challenging.

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