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A curated list of Web & Design news and artifacts, bits and pieces that made it in the fourth week of February 2016. Don’t be shy: leave your opinion in the Comments section!

The Spiral Downward — Problems have solutions. UX is eating the mobile world. Software is digesting everything. Some thoughts and advice at the frontier between B2B and B2C applications. \uxmag

Negative advice — Hey, Designer: here’s what you are doing wrong. Wait… what? \speckyboy

Logo Trends — Here are ten design trends to keep in mind when it comes to designing logos in 2016. In one word: flat. \elegantthemes

Brush your line — A beginner’s guide to using brushes in Photoshop. \tutsplus

Hard — If you think optimizing your CSS is hard, it’s only because you haven’t tried designing a space station.  \fastcodesign

Mind blown! — Here’s a few bandwidth-busting, mind-blowing website that let you walk around places you’ll never go to. \designmodo

AbstractKandinsky, 1926. \youtube

Poster Size — A tutorial on using Illustrator to design a simple poster.  \tutsplus

The Future Called — Get ready for truly, madly, deeply disruptive changes in the next two years: Experiences over products, on-demand economy, digital detox and 23 other equally disturbing trends hiding beneath the surface. \briansolis

The rise of the talking robots — The Conversational UI. Let Siri take over your buttons.\alistapart

Splash! — Icon animations with a bang… and Mo.js. \coptrops

Bad Ass — A collection of template object for designing logos for motorcycle-related logos. Born to wiaaaaiaaaald. \spoongraphics

Leaf Hacks — A security researcher was able to demonstrate that it was relatively easy to hack into the app that controls the Nissan Leaf and remotely operate some (but not all) of the car’s features, as well as retrieve precise data about the vehicle’s whereabouts. It’s all on video, too. Nissan since disabled the app. \fastcompany

Print! — A nice tutorial on designing and producing a brochure for the real world. \tutsplus

Will you Marry Me? — Just kidding. Here’s how to design a business proposal. \justcreative

The Orchestra Awakens — I can tell you’re into Star Wars by the sound of your violin. \youtube

On the Rocks — What can we say, except that someone finally managed a better bicycle design. Amazing.  \yankodesign

Androidz — A collection of over 100 free mockups for popular Android devices. It could come in handy: not everyone uses an iPhone. \instashift



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