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A curated list of Web & Design news and artifacts, bits and pieces that made it in the first week of March 2016. Don’t be shy: leave your opinion in the Comments section!

Aligned — In the ever expanding category of I didn’t know you could do that … with CSS, here’s a short but well written guide to help you align text along irregular paths and images. \noupe

More icons please — A dozen sources of social media-related icons for your site. Did I mention these are free? \85ideas

Infographics Anonymous — Why is this article about the types of visuals a content marketer should use not an infographic? Maybe because the author was still undecided between that and the 9 others. This choice of medium might one day be remembered as one of the greatest mystery ever. Or not. \contentmarketer

A Site Apart — A short reminder that designing with the same tools and techniques everyone else uses doesn’t necessarily work too well.  \webdevstudios

A Style Apart — Speaking of doing different things differently, here’s  a collection of 15 different UI tricks you can do with JS and CSS, with links to where those are documented. \instantshift

Photoprop — A great tutorial on how to design a modern book cover. Because even Kindle books need a cover. \tutsplus

Define: Zero — Here’s what Google Analytic’s “Average Time on Page” really means. \tutsplus

Tech Sex — A recap on a series of articles published in February that covered the design of sex toys in 2016 and beyond. Relax… \Core77

Amazing Annual — The finalists of Smithsonian website’s yearly photo contest. Like this: \fubiz


Cheap Shit — Here’s why the $8 shirt you bought the other day is a problem for everyone, including yourself. Gandhi was right. \swissmiss

Niner — Resources for web designers: JS Tips, Vagrant Manager, Bulma, Gutenberg, OkayNav, New Web Typography, Coor Save, Accessible Modial Dialog, Mo.js, Particles. \hongkiat



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