Throwing acronyms in the wind – A week of Drupal News

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A curated list of those Drupal news, bits and pieces that made it in the first week of February 2016.

REST never sleeps — Head over to this very good overview of Drupal 8’s REST requests format and architecture. Since you’re going to need this information sooner or later, you might as well review it now. From Stanford University’s Web Services Blog.

Larry on  — A chat with Larry Garfield, a long time collaborator to Drupal and the organization’s representative to PHP-FIG. 45+ minutes of deep dive into the core of Drupal 8 and how it all evolved. Available in full text, podcast and video format, for your convenience. Thanks, Acquia.

Designers fighting  Drupal — A designer’s perspective on a page redesign and migration (to Drupal 8) project. The author provides interesting insights into the design process and the interaction with the Drupal architecture.

Hands-on — Here’s how to handle the installation of Drupal 8 via Drush. Installing Drupal without a browser? Yes you can! A step-by-step guide with plenty of colorful screen captures.

A tiny step — Drupal 8.0.3 has been released. Upgrade now or waste your time fighting these already dead bugs.

Damn you, Microsoft! — Hey, designer: here’s how you write conditional CSS for IE 10/11. You’re welcome.

Two way streets — If you need to import JSON-formatted feed into your Drupal site, you can rely on a combination of 4 modules to do the job. If you choose that route, this guide will Uber you to your destination. Alternatively, you could use json_decode() and drive right through.

The rise of the ancientsThis blog documents how a few Bulgarian hackers got together and celebrated the release of Drupal eight by reviving all the previous versions of Drupal on nothing less than Docker containers. Yes, even Drupal 1.

Formidable — Here’s a quick guide to configuring forms in Drupal 8 using Yaml.

Words of the wiseAlthough I could probably “do it all myself”, it is more practical and cost-effective to train everyone else to become much more efficient. (Gilbert)

That’s all for this week. Happy coding! We’ll be back next week.

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