The End of Drupal 6 | A week of Drupal news

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A curated list of those Drupal news, bits and pieces that made it in the second week of February 2016.

Pop up! — Here’s a small tutorial showing how to place content inside a modal window using Colorbox.

Drop dead — Drupal 6 won’t be supported after February 24. On that date, Drupal will release its last core update for this version. After that date, should you want to stick to Drupal 6, you’ll be on your own. In any case, it’s probably time to upgrade (shameless plug to our own upgrade service).

See Pointers — There are 10 things every developer should know before taking the plunge into Drupal 8. Actually, there’s 11, if you care to count the link to this post.

Log this! — If you need logging that is more advanced than the minimal watchdog provided by Drupal code, you can use an external class such a monolog. This post documents how to use monolog under Drupal 8.

Update Hook — Mediacurrent’s Ryan Gibson documents how to update content via Drupal’s update hook. This can be useful when environments become out of sync, for example.

Dries on decouplingDries Buytaert discusses his take on Drupal’s progressive decoupling options, the REST API, JavaScript frameworks and other similar issues being discussed in the community.

Cheaters, I say —  A (rather long) cheatsheet for developers new to the Drupal 8 environment.

That’s all for this week. Kind of thin but lots of meat, don’t you agree? Happy coding! We’ll be back next week.

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