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A curated list of those Drupal news and artifacts, bits and pieces that made it in the third week of February 2016. Leave a comment if you find we missed on something interesting or important, or for any reason whatsoever.

Plan or Perish — Estimating is one of the hardest and riskiest part of any business that deals with delivering software. While we all wissh we could go on without having to provide estimates, setting expectations correctly remains critical to the success of any endeavour involving clients. The author of this post recaps the tools and techniques that are available for estimating Drupal projects. \pixelite

Code Accounting — Technical debt is the single most significant source of uncontrolled cost in software development. If you pay for softare development, you’re likely borrowing from a shadowy lender you never heard of. A guide to technical debt for non-technical people. Includes a video explanation. \pressupinc

More than a fistful of dollars — What’s your host like? How can you compare hosting plans across such a wide variety of providers? What should you be looking for? Does it really matter? The author of this extensive tutorial (free) on how to select a host for your blog does know the answers, apparently. \tutsplus

Gmail Sends — Here’s how to send emails through Gmail using the email client’s own JavaScript API. It may come in handy. \sitepoint

HTTP/2 and HTTPS too — HTTP/2 is coming fast, and you can’t ignore it much longer. If you like to read, the hop over to this article on Smashing Mag for a complete overview of HTTP/2. If you’d rather listen and are familiar with the concepts, then give these guys’ podcast a listen.

Slack-enabled CI — A complete guide to deploying Drupal 8 projects using Jenkins, Github and Slack. \chromatichq

Multi-Step Zaps — If you use Zapier, then get to know Multi-Step Zaps, a new addition that allows you to chain actions using a single trigger. \readwrite

Infinite Virtual Machines — A VM generator for your wildest Drupal fantasies. Beside, it’s also a very good, time-saving tool. \

E-commerce Checklists — If your bidding on or planning to release an E-commerce site, here’s a few things to consider, and a few ideas on how to extend the product pages with engaging resources.

Links with Twig — Here’s a tip on how to create links using path() and url() within Drupal 8 Twig Templates. \chromatichq


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