Flights and Figures – A week of Drupal News

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A curated list of those Drupal news, bits and pieces that made it in the last week of January 2016.

Crystal Ball — Here are a few predictions for the CMS market in general, and for Drupal in particular. Can you see anything related in your own future?

Faster D8 Testing — Running end-to-end tests on a Drupal environment can be quite time consuming. The author of this post plays around strategies using Behat on the Travis environment and gets a 40% improvement.

Moving Out — If you’re ready to say goodbye to the files accumulating on your local environment and relocate them in the Amazon S3 cloud, here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to accomplish just that using S3FS.

In Flight — just published a new featured case study about EITAvionics‘ website. That reminds me to get a new black box for the commercial airliner I’m building in my backyard.

Stop fighting your editor — Configuring CKEditor on your existing Drupal 7 site can be quite a challenge. Lucky for you, someone has it all figured out. Either that or you upgrade to Drupal 8.

Tailoring Paragraphs — Paragraphs is a great module for Drupal 7/8 that builds reusable components for complex layouts. @zugec just published the second part of a complete tutorial on the subject for your new Drupal 8 project. Those of you who want the full story can look up the first part here.

BigPipe for Big Results — Size matters, after all. Here’s an uncensored look at BigPipe, the module that promises to speed up your Drupal 8 page delivery big time. From Acquia.

Benefits of a D8 Upgrade — Here’s 10 reasons why you will upgrade to Drupal 8. And here’s an 11th: you don’t really have a choice.

Words of the Wise — “You won’t believe this one weird trick for having a successful career: give a shit.”  

That’s all for this week. See you in February!

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