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A curated list of Marketing news, bits and pieces that made it in the second week of February 2016.

Mommy! Mom! Mom! … — What is orphan content, and what you should be doing about it. Heidi Cohen digs into the subject and wants you to take ownership of those poor little kids you left behind to fend for themselves.

Show me your email — Heidi (same author as above) also published an interesting piece of writing and optimizing emails for marketing purposes, with plenty of examples.

The days of quick wins are over — That’s probably not much of a surprise to anyone in the business of… business: there’s no quick win anymore when it comes to marketing on the web. Here are 3 best practices you might want to review before you go back to the bar.  1: Optimize your workflows. 3: Be Data-Driven. 2:…

The Dark Funnel — The intricate and mysterious ways customers get to and through your marketing funnels can be puzzling. Kristal LaRiviere describes methods and tools that can help you make sense of it all and follow your buyers through their journey before they get lost.

Paper fights — Supposed you’re in the landing page business and got tired of watching reruns of old page fights episodes, you can revisit the the subject and read Kat Von Rohr‘s take on how to fix your landing pages once and for all. From the SEMrush blog.

Death match — Rumble in the marketing jungle: what should you use, between cornerstone content vs. blog posts? How to balance the two? Demian Farnworth tackles this important issue so you can sleep better knowing that neither will actually die anytime as an outcome.

The endless war — Lauren Pederson takes a look at the war that pits marketers against the rising ad blocking trends and apps. Her conclusions (and ours:) It can’t be won by force, but the bloodshed can be avoided with diplomacy.

The only-factor — An analysis of the Super Bowl commercials that nailed it.

No process? Try this. — Scott Sims advocates following a process to create content that works every time. When you understand the way your target readers view the world, you’ll be able to create content they want to read.

Agile Marketing explained — Agile is not just for software developers anymore. A few years back, a group of marketers came up with a similar brand.  Here’s an overview of Agile Marketing and what it provides.

Cute Pet Marketing — Pets can be heroes, both in real life and in your marketing campaign. Obviously, they are cuter than most people and they also charge a lot less. But that’s not all they can do for you. Cute infographic included.

Title goes here — I could not decide what title I should use here. Maybe I should have read this post before writing it.

Dumb and TwitterIs Social Media making us dumb? That is probably the kind of question that you’d have to ask your “friends” on Facebook about.

NARPs — Speaking of social media, here’s how real people use the Internet.  You might be in for a shock (and a few laughs.)

That’s all for this week, folks. We’ll see you next week!

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