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A curated list of those Online and Content Marketing news and artifacts, bits and pieces that made it in the third week of February 2016. Leave a comment if you find we missed on something interesting or important, or for any reason whatsoever.


Hardcore Networking — Link building is undoubtedly the hardest, most time consuming component of any online marketing strategy. Here’s a compilation of 24 ways to incorporate backlink building into your everyday blogging process. \dailyblogtips

The fine art of SEO reverse engineering — Sometimes the best way to beat your opponent is to imitate them, mirroring their every move until you find an opening. Five steps to victory: identify, scrutinize, analyze, review, report. \

It’s never to late to start — Balancing social media posts and SEO can be a challenge. Here’s how you can start doing just that. \

The secret behind a Facebook failure — Here’s why Facebook didn’t quite succeed in re-branding the whole Internet to it’s own brand in the tiny country of … India. \

Video Star — An infographic on how to engage your YouTube viewers. All in all, a lot of statistics which, at best, loosely support the conclusions: it’s probably best to make your own conclusions, if you haven’t already. \kissmetrics

Paradise by the Analytics Dashboard — An easy-to-follow guide to creating your own custom dashboard on Google Analytics. Highly recommended if you don’t have one already: it will save you hours of tedious clicking.

Onboarding Content Contributors — Assuming you have enough content ideas to fill your entire calendar, you may still come short of qualified contributors to fill in the vacant slots with the actual material. This guide will walk you through all the ways you can improve your pool of contributors and let you know how to deal with their production. \wpcurve

Risky Content —  When writing copy, don’t be shy or coy. Be brave. It’s a winning proposition. Worse case scenario: you might be able to find another job. \copyblogger

The Scream — A detailed article on how to take care of two aspects of a marketing strategy that typically get little attention: the brand voice and the mission statement. Because yes, these are very important. Now get excited! \contently

Reading is Depressing — At least, reading about statistics about readership and reading habits is (depressing.) Get over it and include plenty of visuals. Here’s how and why. \roojoom

TLS again — Google will now let their Gmail users know when a sender is not supporting. The trend to enforce higher security standards across web-based communications isn’t going away soon, so go ahead and read this article, will you? \oracle

This is your site on RankBrain — An in-depth look at RankBrain, Google’s latest ranking algorithm powered by AI. \semrush

Pins to rest — A simple path to Pinterest analytics. Yes, those pins need to be taken care of too.  \yoast

Go CEO — “Being CEO of your territory means finding a way to achieve your sales number no matter what.” Read this blog to find out just how you can try and accomplish that, according to… a blogger at Marketo. \Marketo

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