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A curated list of Content & Marketing news and artifacts, bits and pieces that made it in the first week of March 2016. Don’t be shy: leave your opinion in the Comments section!

Pay! — Despite it’s actual title, this article gives a rather simple overview of these four important online payment systems: PayPal, Stripe, and Amazon. \85ideas

Side Effects — The real meaning and consequences of Google’s changes to their advertisement layout policies. What to do about it? That’s included too.  \envisionitagency

Rollercoaster maniacs — Startup people are maniacs: they know what’s coming, they know it’s going to be a difficult ride, but they don’t jump off: they hold tight and enjoy the ride. Masochists! \sitepoint

Infographics Anonymous — Why is this article about the types of visuals a content marketer should use not itself an infographic? Maybe because the author was still undecided between that option and the 9 others remaining types that would be left behind. This particular choice of medium might one day be remembered as one of the greatest mystery ever. Or not. \contentmarketer

The First 48 —  If you’re hiring, here’s a rule for you: “The 48-hour rule means that anyone who joins a new project or the company needs to deliver something within that time frame.” Simple enough. Now read on and get back to work… \fourkitchens

Apple on Twitter — @AppleSupport is a remote, virtual, 140-at-a-time support center for Apple product on Twitter. Little steps can go a long way. “Perhaps an Apple account on Peach is on the horizon.” \Digiday

Lessons Learned — AdExpresso analyzed over 7 000 ads on Twitter and came up with some conclusions about the format, the wording, the frequency and other features of this particular ad format. Some of these conclusion can be found in this rather extensive article, but most of them are hidden in the eBook that the article ends up being an ad for. The cycle of ads… \adexpresso

Stay on Top —  Neal Patel goes over what is really needed to keep your lead when it comes to web-based marketing. \nealpatel

UGC Forever! — We all run out of ideas for interesting and valuable content. This article goes over the benefits of user-generated content (UGC)  that you can legally steal from Instagram. Either way, content marketing is still better and safer than running a pawn shop on the shady side of town (or so we think.) \adExpresso

Explainer — Here’s how to create great explainer videos. “The secret sauce to making these videos super successful: Be you! Be honest, be transparent, and be authentic. Be helpful and be human. That’s all there is to it.” You got that? \thesaleslion

Sliders — Lessons learned from a winning streak. This long, detailed article will teach you how to optimize your presentations on Slideshare to win over tons of viewers. The author avoids the obvious and is actually pretty interesting. Maybe that’s a big part of why he was so successful. Go see for yourself… \growandconvert


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