Backbay provides extensive support to churches and other non-profit organizations. Our expertise allows us to assist organizations like yours with tools and practices that will improve the management of donations and events, as well as enabling a portal designed to motivate your members. Contact Backbay today for a free evaluation.

Own a stunning website

Your organization’s website should be both beautiful and easy to maintain. That is why Backbay builds your website and online tools based on modern, premium quality designs. Working with WordPress or Drupal, we build sites and tools that fit both your needs and your budget.
Building your site on an open source platform (WordPress or Drupal) means you will never be locked in for solutions with a given supplier (including Backbay.) Even more importantly, it means that you can always count on a huge community of developers to support your site and to provide solutions quickly.
All Backbay product are built on solid industry standards and best practices. Working with modern, widely recognized usability standards means that your users will always feel at home when visiting your site or using your online channel.
While using standards, Backbay also recognizes that you are unique, and that your website must reflect the particulars of your message and the community it addresses. Whether you need a complete website overhaul or an extension to your existing network of online tools, Backbay will ensure that the outcome reflects the language, tone and special brand that your organizations needs to convey.

Deliver a powerful message

Your websites should enhance your ability to spread your message and share your vision with the community. Backbay will help you deliver a more powerful message and engage deeply with your community.
  • Publish, store and distribute your sermons or talks in any format, to any popular channel: podcasts, videos, audio or text.
  • Promote your events in the most efficient manner using high quality landing pages.
  • Engage your people with powerful messages delivered consistently across multiple channels: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and all those places that your members might want to find you.
  • Connect your website to your existing infrastructure and tools.
  • Handle donations effectively while making it easier for your members to participate and support your organization.
  • Manage your members using the website as a gateway.

Reach people where they are

Modern non-profit organizations need to be able to connect to their community no matter where the people are, . This is why Backbay design websites and online tools that are engineered from the very start with mobility and communication in mind. In this day and age, reaching out to your community means you need to spread your message through a lot of different channels at once. Backbay can provide you with the tools and training you need to communicate your message efficiently across all the networks that your community relies on. Using the lasted targeted marketing techniques, Backbay will help you engage more deeply with your people and grow your organization and its community. Grow your church, ministry or nonprofit organization using your communication tools such as:
  • blogs
  • calendars
  • newsletters
  • multimedia galleries
  • F.A.Q.s
  • online polls
  • form and data management
  • file repositories
  • help desks
  • etc.

Rely on Backbay support

In the real world, continuous support for your web properties is as important as their functionality. Backbay backs every single product it delivers with premium customer service and support.
  • Hosting: Backbay can help you host your website, landing pages and online applications more efficiently and at a reduced cost. Talk to one of our representative about our options and policies.
  • Fast support: Backbay provides its clients with online customer support desk available 24/7. Support requests are handled and resolved swiftly, usually within a few hours.
  • Training: Backbay can provide individual training online for any aspects of its products. Whether you need help with customizing your web content or using an administrative tool, you can count on Backbay’s expertise to provide you and your team with efficient, individualized training.
  • Marketing: Backbay customers can rely on Backbay’s extensive experience in domain nurturing and online marketing to grow their community and spread the word.
  • SEO and usage analytics: Every site and application delivered by the Backbay development team is optimized to match the latest search engine algorithms. They also come fully equipped to maximize your ability to monitor and track your web property's usage and to further optimize your resources as needed.