#Relax, Don’t Hashtag it…

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What’s a hashtag? A hashtag is a symbol, #, prefixed to a word or string in a social network post such as Twitter. A hashtag creates a reference to a specific, searchable topical thread on the network. Such threads are constructed dynamically by the system. Including a hashtag in your post will automatically append that post to the thread that uses the tagged string as a topic header, and it will create one where there is none.


Using a hashtag to relate your post to a general topic is good practice. Doing so will highlight the topic for the reader, and it will also make that post visible on the general thread that runs under that same topic. Knowing this, you might be tempted to go slightly overboard and start tagging every second word in your post with a hashtag. As it turns out, this enthusiastic reaction is bad practice. Just because a chocolate cake looks and taste good doesn’t mean that eating the entire cake in one sitting is a great idea. You will #likely #annoy your #followers by #making your #post #barely #readable. It will also make your posts look like spam. Ultimately, people will notice and start to unfollow you. Relax: trying too hard won’t get you anywhere.

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