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Portent’s Title Maker — AKA Idea Generator — is a nice little tool that aims at providing writers with new ideas around any given subject. If you find yourself struggling to come up with an angle of attack on a particular topic, head over to Title Maker and create something unexpected.

Visuals and Style

Once you land on Portent’s Title Maker, all you need is a subject: the application will do the rest. Once you enter the subject, what you get is not only a whimsical title for your next blog, but also annotations detailing how this particular title will work in grabbing your reader’s attention. If you don’t like the proposed title, all you need to do is to refresh the page. You will get a brand new suggestion right away. Note that the tool doesn’t actually take the subject into account, so don’t worry too much about varying the words.



Portent’s Title Maker little clever tool can be a lifesaver when you’re on a deadline and the subject isn’t too serious. It also works great as a counter-productive time waster if you have a tendency to take entertainment a little too seriously.


Score: 5/5



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