The Drupal Week in Review, ed. 2016.03

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Teenagers in Love

A curated list of those Drupal news, bits and pieces that made this third week of January 2016 what it was.

Framework or not? — A short but important discussion about the side effects of including a full JavaScript framework in Drupal core. According to the author, “[First] We should make a list of known problems and figure out how to solve them.” Lullabot devs also published their own take on the subject in a podcast. What’s your opinion?

Testing in D8 — How will you handle legacy testing code in your new D8 project? In case you don’t have a clue, Yan Loetzer does.

Dries teenage dreams — Drupal just turned 15. Let’s see what his father had to say.

On D8 plugins declaratives — If you’re a Drupal developer working on Drupal 8 projects, you may already know this but you might have missed this. We can’t blame you, but everyone else will, once they find out you don’t know either.

Just like the cool kids — If you’ve ever wondered how the cool development firms integrate cool tools like #slack, github and Jenkins, and then wondered if you could do the same with Drupal, then here’s a tutorial on how to do this with your Drupal 8 project. Granted, cool kids don’t typically use Drupal, but apparently this grown up did it anyway.

YALODMYet another list of (12) Drupal modules, annotated. We just can’t get enough of those.


That’s all for this week. See you in the next round!

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