Updates updated – The Week in Drupal, edition 1.2016

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A curated list of those Drupal news, bits and pieces that made this first half of January 2016 what it was.

Update holes — Hold it! According to one expert, updating Drupal is an activity that is in and by itself a security risk. To be fair, so is updating the oxygen in your lungs. The article prompted an immediate response – and fix – from Drupal. Ok, you can breathe now.

Composer vs. Drush — An interesting podcast for developers interested in the automated installation of themes and other modules. The player seems flaky, but clicking on the download link worked very well for us.

Just what you needed — Do you want to dip a toe in Drupal 8 development? Here’s a simple guide to creating a module for Drupal 8. Video included.

Migrating to Drupal 8 — An ongoing journal documenting someone’s road to Drupal 8. Interesting, and blue.

Minor update 8.02A few adjustments.

That’s all for this week. See you in the next round!

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