JavaScript, anyone? | The Week in WordPress, edition 51.2015

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A curated list of those WordPress news, bits and pieces that made this third week of December 2015 what it was.

WordPress Odyssey — On the footsteps of the release of Calypso, the CMS administration dashboard is now available as a standalone desktop app on all 3 major operating system. Better yet, it’s all open source and can be forked from a Github repository.

Reasonable Choices — Should you need to justify choosing WordPress over another blogging or content management tool, look no further than the odd-sounding WP Reasons. The repository contains a printable document that provides all the reasons and resources you will ever need to explain why your choice is the best, should anyone challenge it.

SSL This! — The network-challenged among us may get a little nervous when invited by the likes of Google to convert their hosting server to a secure SSL. Luckily, Let’s Encrypt is a tool that can make the process fast, simple and free. Matt Geri explains how to do this, video-style.

CSS Checklist — Here’s a list of the 25 things you should have checked before publishing that messy, inefficient piece of CSS that drives your WordPress blog. Or not… but it’s still worth checkout out.

The Case of the Disappearing Online Editor — Should you need a quick PHP snippet to ensure that your online editor doesn’t get in the way, here’s a clever one.

WordPress core on Node.jsReally?

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