The WordPress Week in Review, ed. 2016.03

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Tune In and Plug Out

A curated list of those WordPress news, bits and pieces that made this third week of January 2016 pretty awesome.

Permalinks untangled Tom Ewer has a great tutorial on how to handle permanent links in WordPress. If you’re publishing a lot of content, this is well worth checking out.

For developers only — If you develop WordPress plugins yourself (and who doesn’t?) you could do worse than using this method to handle the update process. Thank you, Sitepoint.

Even more for developers — Go TDD with BDD for WP, if you know what I mean.

 Too much ain’t enough — A well-written and opinionated tuts+ entry that finally lifts the curtain on why your plugins can hurt your site. Granted, more often than not plugins do help your site, but that’s not the point. The point is… head over to the article and read it.

Facebook for WordPress lovers — If your love of Facebook hasn’t ruined your real life love life yet, you can try joining those 20 WordPress groups on Facebook.

White death from above —  If you’ve even been hit by the White Screen of Death and could not figure out how to resolve the issue quickly, then read this post before it’s too late again.

Faceted search for dummies — Who doesn’t want to provide better, faster, more intuitive search options to users of their WordPress site? From sitepoint, again.

Do you really need one? — Is someone trying to sell you a dedicated IP for your domain? Here’s a white paper describing the ins and outs of the subject. Hint: You probably don’t.

That’s all for this week, folks. We’ll see you around next week!

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