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A curated list of those WordPress news and artifacts, bits and pieces that made it in the third week of February 2016. Leave a comment if you find we missed on something interesting or important, or for any reason whatsoever.

A secret stash of plugins — If you find that the official source of WordPress plugins just isn’t enough for your needs, you can always head over to Github. This blog post explains how to search Github for plugins, how to avoid the risks and how to find the golden nuggets you’re looking for. \

Code Accounting — Technical debt is the single most significant source of uncontrolled cost in software development. If you pay for software development, you’re likely borrowing from a shadowy lender you never heard of. A guide to technical debt for non-technical people. Includes a video explanation. \

More than a fistful of dollars — What’s your host like? How can you compare hosting plans across such a wide variety of providers? What should you be looking for? Does it really matter? The author of this extensive tutorial (free) on how to select a host for your blog does know the answers, apparently. \

Gmail Sends — Here’s how to send emails through Gmail using the email client’s own JavaScript API. It may come in handy.

How many acronyms must a man memorize — …before you can call him a man? The answer my friend is 3: SSL, HTTPS and TLS. Luckily they all refer to the same thing. And here’s a tutorial on how to get TLS up and running, hassle- and fee-free, for your WordPress site. \

HTTP/2 and HTTPS too — HTTP/2 is coming fast, and you can’t ignore it much longer. If you like to read, the hop over to this article on Smashing Mag for a complete overview of HTTP/2. If you’d rather listen and are familiar with the concepts, then give these guys’ podcast a listen.

Closing Open Sans — WordPress includes the font Google’s Open Sans by default. Here’s how to disable that possibly unwanted feature. \dibwp

REST and Recover — The core development team finally confirmed that the REST API endpoints will not be included in the 4.5 release of of WordPress. The project is not dead… yet. \torque

Pingback or not — The W3C is apparently working on Webmention, a specification that very closely resemble WordPress’ Pingback functionality. The same functionality that security experts recommend you disable in its current form. Now if you’re confused, you’re not the only one. \itpro 

Multi-Step Zaps — If you use Zapier, then get to know Multi-Step Zaps, a new addition that allows you to chain actions using a single trigger. \readwrite

Cutting Shortcodes — Here’s how to get rid of those leftover shortcodes. And if you don’t know what shortcodes are, just ignore [this item].  \mattcromwell

Uninstall right — Here’s the correct way to uninstall a plugin. \wpbeginner

Best Briefs Forever — If you’re a developer or a firm wanting to close a project, here’s what you should know about writing winning briefs that work. \

E-commerce Checklists — If you’re bidding on, or planning to release an E-commerce site, then here’s a few things to consider, along with a few ideas on how to extend the product pages with engaging resources.

2FA4WP — The best of breed in Two-Factor Authentication plugins for your WordPress application. \hongkiat


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