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A curated list of WordPress news and artifacts, bits and pieces that made it in the fourth week of February 2016. Don’t be shy: leave your opinion in the Comments section!

The Firm — Strictly speaking, you are not legally bound to take these into consideration when you’re building a website for a Law firm or practice. However, doing so will probably help avoid lawsuits. \leventen

Crystall Ball — Over 25% of all all websites are powered by WordPress. What’s in store for the future of the CMS? REST, JavaScript, E-commerce and a friendlier UI. \business2community

If not Gulp, then Grunt — Every WordPress developer knows that build tools make everything easier. A solid knowledge of Grunt or Gulp — the modern, JavaScript versions of UNIX Make — is therefore essential to keep up with the fast pace of modern software development. Here’s what you need to know to use Gulp and Grunt for your next WordPress project. \wpmudev

SQL this! — Save yourself time and headaches by adding a few of these SQL snippets to your library. One day you will thank the author for this. \speckyboy

The heat is on — Here are 9 heatmap tools and plugins for WordPress. For those who don’t know, a heatmap can be considered a safer, lighter, marketer-friendly version of the popular Firewatch game. \wpbeginner

Author Info Added — Here’s how to add an author info box to your posts. \wpbeginner

VVV I.III. — A new version of Varying Vagrant Vagrants has been released. VVV is a virtual machine configuration manager aimed at WordPress developers. \wptavern

Up and Running with Composer — A guide to using WordPlate to setup a development environment based on Composer, the PHP package manager. \sitepoint

Rings Twice — If you’re not already using Postman, you’re probably living under a bigger rock than we do. \sitepoint

CSS errors — Here’s a round up of 10 specialized CSS editors. And here’s another round up of 24 text editors for WordPress. So many round ups our head is spinning. \vahdelaydesign+wpmudev

Message Control — Here’s how to control rich snippets on your site. \convinceandconvert


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