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A curated list of WordPress news, bits and pieces that made it in the last week of January 2016.

Toolbar: OFF — Here’s how to get rid of the WordPress admin tools when viewing your site. Now you can finally see what your users see without going incognito.

Jetpack Boost —  The author of this blog suggests using the Jetpack API to add features to your existing WordPress theme.

Theming for Admins — Assuming you do a lot of work on your site weekly, investing in a more efficient WordPress administration theme might very well have a significant impact on you or your team productivity. Make it nice and easy.

WordPress Optimization Magic — Okay, maybe it’s not real magic. But given some practice, the tricks work and will fool most search engine into believing you actually know what you’re doing. Here’s a few of those tricks.

A Matter of Speed — Speaking of optimization, someone thinks your WordPress site should be able to score 100 on Google PageSpeed Insights, and even tells us how it can be done. Quick: are you up to the challenge?

A Question of Money — Ask “Who owns WordPress and how does WordPress make money?” and you shall get an answer. Here.

The Finish Line — If instead you wonder “Which WordPress slider plugin is the fastest?” you will find an answer here. On the other hand, to paraphrase a classic line, the only good slider is a dead slider. Avoid them if you can.

Good Morning — A look at PB Sandwich, a free front-end building plugin. Free as in: as long as you don’t care for the jelly. Because then you’ll need to pay for the additional calories. It’s a mouthful.

Functional PHP for WP — Here’s one way to feel more comfortable when attending a party full of geeks: read this introduction to functional programming with PHP for WordPress developers. Here’s another way: keep staring at your phone all night, like everyone else.

If it’s not PHP, then it’s JavaScript, right?  — Debugging tips for those JavaScript events that sneaked into your site innocuously.

Under the Hood — Did you ever wondered what you’re buying into when you’re installing WordPress? How much of that code is a mess? Someone took a deep dive and found a treasure of information on the subject.

That’s all for this week, folks. We’ll see you in February!

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